Chariot @chariotsf • Added 26 minutes ago

Commuter Shuttle Service

Chariot is solving your commute, one neighborhood at a time. Ride Chariot for the best-valued transit experience in SF.

Transportation, San Francisco, Commuter

Status: Private Beta

PopUpsters @popupsters • Added 1 hour ago

Physical Etsy Shops

PopUpsters helps the best local vendors to find places to PopUp their brand including at fairs, festivals, markets, storefronts and corporate events. We take the headache out of navigating starting a small business or managing permitting and... More »

Ecommerce, Small Business

Status: Public Beta

The Farmery @the_farmery • Added 2 hours ago

Urban Farm and Market: Growing and selling at the same site

The Farmery combines a market, cafe and indoor agricultural systems to form an urban food retailer offering locally grown food with the ideal mix of high margins of a cafe, high foot traffic of a grocery store and the immersive experience of a... More »

Urban Farm, Grocery, Food

Status: Public

Akimbo @akimboconnect • Added 3 hours ago

LinkedIn for disadvantaged populations

Akimbo is building an inclusive workforce by connecting people who face significant boundaries to employment with professional opportunities via our digital platform.

Employment, Social, Disenfranchised

Status: Established

VOLO @voloapp • Added 4 hours ago

Peer to Peer Parking (pre-launch)

Volo is a peer-to-peer mobile app that makes it easy to park anywhere. We empower citizens to collaboratively make circling and street congestion a thing of the past.

P2P, Mobile, Parking

Status: Alpha

Weeleo @weeleoapp • Added 5 hours ago

P2P cash currencies exchange

Every year, leisure travelers take over one billion trips around the world -- many exchanging currencies along the way. Exchange offices can charge transaction fees as much as 20 percent. Weeleo is changing the way people travel by eliminating... More »

Sharing Economy, Fintech, Travel

Status: Established @neighborly • Added 6 hours ago

Community Investment Marketplace. LendingClub + AngelList for cities

Neighborly is the easiest way for individuals and companies to invest directly in the places and civic projects they care about. Currently operating as a donation-based crowdfunding platform designed for civic projects, Neighborly is preparing... More »

Finance, Community, Investment

Status: Public

Kloudian Systems, Inc. @orbwebme • Added Sep 12, 2014

Personal Cloud, Remote Desktop, File Xplorer, Media Streaming

Orbweb is the primary cloud enabling platform that bridge the applications and data together and compile the traditional legacy software into Cloud service applications which can be accessed anytime from any where on any "Internet-connected" devices.

Remote Desktop, Productivity, File Sharing

Status: Private Beta

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Localfu @localfu • Added Sep 12, 2014

Travel plans created by locals

Localfu gives you a personalized plan for your trip created by a local for $5.

Travel, Travel Planning, Tourism

Status: Public Beta

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Social Input Co @socialinputco • Added Sep 12, 2014

Anonymous Feedback from Your Followers

Social Input Co makes it easy to get anonymous feedback from your twitter followers for FREE. With a beautiful UX, users are more likely to fill out the feedback forms that only take you seconds to create!

Social, Twitter, Feedback

Status: Public