Swift Shopper App @swiftshopperapp • Added Dec 7, 2014

Universal Mobile Checkout App

Checkout at the store faster than you ever thought possible with the world's first, universal #mobile #checkout app! Fast, efficient #shopping!

Shopping, Shopping List, Grocery List

Status: Public

pr.co @prdotco • Added Dec 2, 2014

Pitch your media list

Create your pressroom, start email campaigns and measure results in real time. Run media relations for your company in the most efficient way.

Public Relations, Pressroom, Pitching Tool

Status: Public

MailPad @mailpadhq • Added Dec 2, 2014

Find, discover and email leads directly

MailPad simplifies the search, discovery and direct contact of new leads by providing a powerful inbuilt search tool to enable users to search by keyword to reveal relevant & targeted lead information. MailPad users can then directly email chosen... More »

Lead Generation, Email Marketing, Startups

Status: Private Beta

swifflet @swifflet • Added Dec 2, 2014

sell and discover with ease

swifflet connects normal people who want to buy from and sell to other individuals. We want to make the process of selling and buying fast, convenient, and secure - a lot like Craigslist, but sexier. Most of today's marketplaces haven't kept up... More »

Marketplace, Ecommerce, Craigslist

Status: Public Beta

Nucleus @nucleushome • Added Dec 2, 2014

Connect & automate your smart home

Nucleus connects all the smart devices in your home and helps you create intelligent interactions between them.

Home Automation, Smart Home, Internet Of Things

Status: Alpha

Options Away @optionsaway • Added Dec 2, 2014

Lock-in Flight Prices

Options Away is the world's only Online Travel Agency that allows consumers to lock-in the price of an airline ticket while finalizing their travel plans.

Travel, Airfare, Price Lock

Status: Established

PriceLabs @price_labs • Added Dec 2, 2014

Demand-based pricing to help Airbnb Hosts make more money with their listing

PriceLabs is a pricing optimization tool for Airbnb hosts which calculates ideal price for Airbnb listings on any given day. The application has been in closed beta for last 6 months and is now generally available. Airbnb hosts have to decide... More »

Airbnb, Sharing Economy, Machine Learning

Status: Public Beta

Flystay @flystayapp • Added Dec 2, 2014

Flystay lets you get the most out of your stopover and transfer.

Flystay lets you get the most out of your stopover and transfer. Link your itinerary, see user ratings of airport facilities and enjoy unique promotions.

Airport, Stopover, Layover

Status: Alpha

Cyph @cyph • Added Dec 2, 2014

Painless encrypted chat

Cyph lets you have an encrypted chat with anyone in under 30 seconds, without the need to download any software or register! Totally free to use and no ads!

Encryption, Chat, Messenger

Status: Public & Private Betas

Answer.tv @answerdottv • Added Dec 2, 2014

Twitter meets Youtube meets Reddit

Answer.tv let's you create your own personal Video FAQ. Ask questions, vote, receive personalised video responses from the hobbies, people and organizations that matter to you.

Video, FAQ, Social

Status: Public Beta