Darwinex @darwinexchange • Added Mar 26, 2015

Spotify for trading and investing

Darwinex helps you to identify trading talent, so you can spot those with real skill over the lucky monkey's. Using our investor platform, you can trade the best traders strategies using the risk level you choose. Our P2P asset management... More »

Trading, Investing, Fintech

Status: Public

GPSOX @gpsoxapp • Added Mar 26, 2015

"Stack Overflow" + LinkedIn for Attorneys

We provide attorneys with a way to connect one topic within their jurisdiction that provides a searchable archive and rating system of past discussions, without altering how they do business currently.

Legal, Consumer, Legal Tech

Status: Public Beta

ningo.me @ningo_me • Added Mar 26, 2015

email with postage

ningo.me is a messaging and email forwarding service. ningo.me lets users set up addresses where senders are required to pay to get their message delivered. The service is intended to bring mutual appreciation to online communications, and... More »

Email, Payment, Marketplace

Status: Public

Depop @depopmarket • Added Mar 26, 2015

Fun mobile ebay

Depop let's anyone buy and sell from their phone. It's a fun platform that focuses on creativity and unique items. Setting up your own pop-up shop is as easy as taking a picture.

Fashion, Ecommerce, Mobile

Status: Public

CrewFire @crewfireapp • Added Mar 26, 2015

Amplify Your Voice On Twitter & Facebook

CrewFire turns your fans, friends, and employees into your online brand advocates, amplifying your voice on Twitter and Facebook, so you can stand out from the crowd. Finally.

Marketing, Social Media, SaaS

Status: Private Beta

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Formlets @myformlets • Added Mar 23, 2015

Online Forms for Everyone!

Create beautiful online forms with no coding experience!

Forms, Ecommerce, Small Business

Status: Private Beta

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blockast @blockast • Added Mar 23, 2015

Google Now meets Flipboard

Blockast geo-locates news and events based on text in the article and shows only recent items close to your location. It's what local news was meant to be. Blockast doesn't show you the news across town, it shows you the news down the street.

News, Events, Local

Status: Private Beta

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CloudCal @cloudcalapp • Added Mar 23, 2015

The calendar for go-getters.

CloudCal is an intuitive, easy and fun Android calendar application. The first thing you will notice is a unique month overview, which tells you at a glance when you are busy or free during each day. From there you can swipe back and forth in... More »

Android, Calendar, Consumer

Status: Private Beta

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Duelo @dueloapp • Added Mar 23, 2015

Challenge Based Social Media

Duelo allows you to create, compete and view challenge based social media. Easily create challenges for you and your friends or sit back and view other people competing from around the world. Available on iPhone and iPad.

Social Media, Gaming, Consumer

Status: Private Beta

Product Ninja @productninja • Added Mar 23, 2015

Turning your homepage into an interactive showroom

Product Ninja turns images into a click-able and social interactions. Visitors can engage with your product by selecting and leaving feedback on specific features, comment posts and real-time chats.

Social, Enterprise, Images

Status: Private Beta

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