Startup Stash @startupstash • Added Oct 29, 2014

Curated resources and services for Startups

Startup Stash is the best and easiest way to find resources that can help you while building your startup. Startup Stash is free to use and updated on a regular basis. It's free because startups have no money yo.

Startups, Tools, Resources

Status: Alpha

Spontivity @getspontivity • Added Oct 28, 2014

Live Feed of Local Activities (pre-launch)

Whether you think, play, or do - Spontivity instantly connects you with others in your area. With Spontivity, you can post, browse, and join all your favorite activities in a matter of seconds. Whether you are a night & weekend gamer or a... More »

Social, Mobile, Lifestyle

Status: Public Beta

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Alpha Hat @alphahatinc • Added Oct 28, 2014

Analyze quantitative investment data instantly (pre-launch)

Alpha Hat lets investors perform quantitative analysis instantly by simply typing in the title of the chart they want to see. You can also browse and discover the best charts from other investors.

Investing, Analytics, Data

Status: Alpha

Rooms @tryrooms • Added Oct 23, 2014

Create a room for whatever you're into.

Create Something Together. Rooms lets you create places for the things you're into.

Facebook, Chat, Anonymous

Status: Public

Dress Jack @dressjack15 • Added Oct 17, 2014

Subreddit 'MaleFashionAdvice' with friends (pre-launch)

Guys hate shopping. Women turn it into a sport. Dress Jack helps guys 'friendsource' their style by allowing them to invite up to three friends to curate looks for them. Friends are part of social situations - they know what looks good (and... More »

Social, Ecommerce, Fashion

Status: Alpha

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PerkWork @perkworkapp • Added Oct 16, 2014

Benefit From Your Benefits - (pre-launch)

PerkWork is a free tool that holds all of a company's benefits and highlights them in an easily deployable widget that lives on your careers page in order to drive higher quality and more qualified applicants.

Recruiting, Saas, Hr

Status: Private Beta

Enger @getenger • Added Oct 16, 2014

The easiest way to schedule and send text messages to groups.

Schedule & send text messages to groups or customers. Built for small businesses and individuals, you get a unique phone number, custom subscription pages and tools to schedule & send your messages. 30 days FREE of starter service with code... More »

Sms, Marketing Automation, Business

Status: Public Beta

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Orowa @orowaapp • Added Oct 14, 2014

YouTube for businesses, schools or groups

Orowa is easy and simple online hosting for videos you want to keep private within your company, school, organisation or team. You can think of it like your own private YouTube. You can create a free account for 2 users and 100 MB of storage... More »

Video, Privacy, BusinessSoftware

Status: Public

1 signup @taigaio • Added Oct 13, 2014

Free, Open Source Agile project Management

We're software developers and designers. We built because we wanted the tool that sits open on our computers all day, to serve as a continual reminder of why we love to collaborate, code and design.

Agile, Project Managent, Software

Status: Public Beta @roundio • Added Oct 10, 2014

Instant knowledge about everything nearby is a super easy, fun and instant way to browse your surroundings. It all started from a simple thought; Everything that can be attached to a map should be made easy to browse by a map! To gain knowledge about any point of interest, simply... More »

Location, Nearby, Knowledge

Status: Public Beta

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